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Covid-19 Statement

Hello Happy Campers!


We want to take a moment and give you all a quick Covid-19 update here at JJ’S RV Resort.  Business will continue as usual however, we have additional rules in order to comply with the guidelines outlined by Alberta Health Services to control the spread of covid-19.

Our commitment to our guests remains unchanged from last year however, we have implemented additional safety precautions to ensure the health of everyone.  These include but are not limited to:  washing down the water hydrants, power boxes and picnic tables with a bleach solution in between each check out and check in.  It is therefore critical that everyone comply with our request to respect the boundaries of individual campsites.


In order to maximize the health and safety of guests and staff we ask the following:

  1. When possible payments should be made via email money transfer prior to arrival.  During the Covid-19 outbreak we prefer not to collect cash as payment.  Once payment is received we will advise you of your site number avoiding close contact at check-in.

  2. In order to maintain social distancing standards please refrain from visiting\entering other campsites whether occupied or not.  Given our proximity to the United States border we anticipate the likelihood of returning snowbirds in self isolation.  These conditions dictate the necessity of restricting access to all campsites occupied or unoccupied.  Please feel free to walk about the open spaces to enjoy the fresh air, migratory birds, sunshine and bountiful scenery.

  3. NO SOCIAL GATHERING!  This means NO groups larger than 15 people.  Social distancing of 2 meters minimum between people must still be exercised.  These are the current guidelines set out by the World Health Organization and Albert Health Services in order to ensure the health and safety of all or visitors.


We look forward to a successful 2021 camping season regardless of the challenges we currently face.  To our returning friends, family and guests there will be no warm friendly handshake or embrace in order to maintain the social distancing so effective in combating covid-19.


Covid-19 continues to threaten therefore we need to adhere to ever changing recommendations made by Alberta Health Services .  Please follow us on Facebook for any important updates that could possibly affect your vacation stay with us this 2021 camping season.

Thank you for your understanding,

Derek, Jeremy & Judy

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