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Groceries, Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Super Valu Foods

Address:  2107 Hwy 2 North

Phone:  403-646-5691

Mac's Convenience Store (Husky Station)

Address:  2204 Hwy 2 South

Phone:  403-646-3252

Shop N Go Convenience Store

Address:  2204 20 (Main) Street

Phone:  403-646-2377

Gas Plus

Address:  2505 Hwy 2 North

Phone:  403-879-2088

Flying J Truck Stop

Address:  2810 Hwy 2 North or South

Phone:  403-646-2810


Address:  26 Avenue & Hwy 2 South

Phone:  403-646-2332


Address:  1705 Hwy 2 North 

Phone:  403-646-2424

Seasonal Groceries  and Attractions 

Nanton Farmers Market

Address:  Hwy 2 South and 22 Street

Phone:  403-646-5776

Open seasonally June 16 - September 29

Paradise Hill Farms

Township Road 162 (just ask for directions)

Phone:  403-646-3276

Paradise Hill Farm tomatoes are an exceptional example of how a tomato is supposed to look and taste. They really do taste just like the ones from Grandma's garden or your local farmers market. That's because we put a lot of care into growing and picking our tomatoes, with an emphasis on taste, freshness, and quality.

Trail's End Beef

Phone:  403-601-5467


Trail's End Beef is by appointment for farm eggs, grassfed beef, sausages and ranch tours.  They are well know for their ethically-raised high quality and certified grassfed beef.  

Call Rachel Herbert to set up a farm tour for you and your family to learn more about their practices and to see what cattle look like home on the ranch.  And if you're lucky enough that they have some in stock you will be able to purchase some truly local grassfed beef to bring back to cook on your bbq.

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